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Balaam's donkey

Balaam’s Donkey
An obvious task
The demand incessant
The task transparent
And I
Sure I alone could do it
Confident in my ability
To recognize the task and fulfill it
Went bustling off
In the hustle of self-imposed indispensability
Nothing could stop me
No need to look at the plans
I could see what was to be done.

Stopped in my tracks
Unable to move forward
Blaming anything but me
Hearing anything but you
The obstacle
Unrecognized before me
The architect attempting
To educate me in his plans
Aware of my intransigence
My determination that I am right
Blocking my way
Resolved to be recognized
And to bring recognition
To show me the way
To put me on the right track
Showing me what was to be done.

Moving again
The same direction
But a new end in sight
Sure of his power
By insight
That can use even my mistakes
That enlarges my short-sightedness
Removes the blinkers from my vision
Opening dimensions in a myriad of hues
Bring direction
With possibilities unimagined and unhoped for
Risking autonomy
Even through my blindness
Enabling what was to be done

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