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The Stillness of the Whirlpool

They tell me I’ll find you in stillness
That you are stable
That in you I’ll find
Yet I turn
To gaze at your presence
And hear the constant clatter
Of the factory
See the constant spinning
Of the sharpening wheel
Feel the vibrant spark
Of electricity and flame
Where can I flee from your presence?
Where can I hide from your Spirit?

Where ever I go
Where ever I look
Whatever I feel
You are there
Whirring and spinning
Spiralling through my life
Sparking in my being
A constant force
Forever moving
Forever light
Forever dark

The spiral pulls
Drawing me in
To the turbulent vortex
And I pull back
Not wanting to be overwhelmed
Battered by its force
Afraid of being consumed
The force is relentless
Eventually I have to let go
To allow myself to be
Pulled with the tide
Drawn into the whirlpool
I swirl in its force
Its energy filling me
The water bubbles
Filled with life
Sparkling with drops of air
And I am drawn into that life
And at the whirlpool’s centre
Find stillness
And peace.

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